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Are you looking for Puncture Repair for your vehicle?

Punture Repair

    Has one of your car’s tyres gone flat tyre and you looking for a reliable garage for puncture repair Twickenham, Richmond? Please contact us - Twickenham Tyres & Exhausts.

    We ensure prompt puncture repair services at affordable rates for your convenience.

    Signs of a punctured tyre

  • Car drifts to one side of the road
  • Compromised driving stability
  • Difficulty in steering the vehicle, etc.

    Causes of tyre punctures

  • Damage to the valve stem
  • Worn-out tyres
  • Over-inflated tyres
  • Leaks in the tyre beads, etc.
  • Are all punctured tyres repairable?

    As per the British Standard of puncture repair, repairs can only be done if the damage size and location do not exceed a certain limit. Only certified and professional service stations abide by these regulations as customer safety is important. At Twickenham Tyres & Exhausts, all our technicians are well-versed with the BS AU 159 guidelines and ensure prompt car puncture repair Twickenham,  Richmond.

    As per the rule, puncture repairs are only possible when the damage location is within the central 3/4th area of the tyre, and the size does not exceed 6mm.

    If the damage is beyond repair, we will recommend a replacement and you can choose from our comprehensive inventory.

    How do we approach puncture repairs?

    Our experts will first remove the tyre from the wheel and carry out a stringent inspection of the damaged tyre, both internally and externally, to locate the damage.

    They will then remove the foreign object (nails, glass, etc.) from the surface and create a puncture channel using a 6mm carbide mill cutter.

    After that, a vulcanising accelerator solution and pre-buff cleaner are applied to the puncture location. The next steps will be conducted as per the requirement to complete the repair process.

    Also, we conduct the following types of puncture repairs as per the requirement:

  • External puncture repair with a tyre string
  • The repair patch method for an internal repair
  • Internal repair using a combination of plug and repair patch
  • Therefore, you can now stop searching for ‘puncture repair near me’ as well as ‘tyres near me’ on the web. 

    For further queries and appointments, please feel free to dial us on 020 8892 3090 or 07517 004071.

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