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Are you looking for Mechanical Repairs for your vehicle?


Routine servicing and maintenance are crucial to reduce the chances of unprecedented car breakdowns and prolong the lifespan of various car components. When it comes to mechanical repair Twickenham, Richmond, look no further than us.

We are Twickenham Tyres & Exhausts, a relatively new tyre retailer and mechanical repair service station in southwest London. You can rely on us for quality services at an affordable price.

What mechanical repairs Twickenham do we offer?

When it comes to vehicle mechanical repairs, you should only trust a reputed and professional garage like ours for maximum on-road safety.

    Some of the key mechanical repairs that we specialise in are:

  • Tyre repairs
  • We are your ultimate destination for tyre repairs Twickenham. We check the tyres for exterior damage such as tread and shoulder wear. We also offer prompt puncture repairs as per the BS AU 159 standards. If the situation calls for it, our experts will notify you regarding tyre replacements as well.

  • Exhausts
  • The experts at our facility also conduct exhaust repair Twickenham and provide replacements for the worn-out parts with OE-grade spares. If you come across symptoms like rumbling noise from the engine, deteriorating fuel economy, and excessively dark exhaust fumes, drive down to our facility for a thorough inspection.

    We will carefully check the exhaust pipe, manifold, muffler, hangers, catalytic converter, etc. and conduct the necessary repairs/replacements.

  • Suspension
  • The suspension system in your car is made up of various essential components like shock absorbers, axle, frame, struts and spring. You can come to our garage for routine checks of the suspension. Please note that most of these parts, once damaged, can only be replaced and not repaired.

    You can rely on our facility for OE-grade replacements and professional suspension servicing Twickenham.

  • MOT repairs
  • In pre-MOT checks at our facility, we conduct various stringent tests to make sure that your vehicle passes its annual MOT in one go. These checks include the inspection and repairs/replacements of various parts like the brakes, exhaust, suspension, clutch, battery, etc.

    We also specialise in clutch repairs Twickenham. Book an appointment with us today.

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    If you have been on the lookout for “car repairing garages near me”, we believe your search ends with us.

    Drive down to our facility at 16 Crown Rd, Twickenham, TW1 3EE, United Kingdom.

    You can also call us on 020 8892 3090 or 07517 004071 for more information on appointments and schedules regarding mechanical repair Twickenham, 



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