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Routine exhaust service Twickenham, Richmond is necessary for your vehicle to remain roadworthy and compliant with the emissions standards, thereby passing its annual MOTs without any hassle.

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When to opt for exhaust servicing Twickenham?

Car owners should always be on lookout for the tell-tale signs of a faltering vehicle component. Some of the common indicators of a malfunctioning exhaust system are:

  • Roaring or rumbling noises
  • One of the most common signs of a damaged exhaust system is an abnormally loud exhaust noise, especially when you rev the engine higher. This is usually an indicator of a crack or hole in the exhaust manifold or pipe.

    If you come across this symptom, please drive down to our facility for exhaust repair Twickenham. A broken exhaust manifold can leak noxious fumes into the environment, which is against the DVSA laws.

  • Slow acceleration
  • An exhaust leak that is not significant enough to cause rumbling noises can lead to other issues, like slow acceleration. If you find yourself pressing down on the accelerator pedal harder for the engine to produce sufficient power, opt for a thorough diagnosis of the exhaust system.

  • The stench of noxious gases
  • A blockage in the automobile exhaust means the system will not be able to drive the noxious gases away from the car cabin. This usually happens due to a leak just before or within the catalytic converter.

    Again, make sure to address this issue immediately as exposure to harmful gases can eventually lead to severe health problems.

  • Knocking sounds beneath the vehicle or misfiring engine
  • Odd knocking sounds can be an indicator of a loose exhaust mount or even a broken pipe. Upon further inspection, you may find the muffler or pipe dragging underneath the vehicle, causing further damage.

    A misfiring engine, on the other hand, is an indicator of various issues, such as an obstruction in the valve chamber, manifold, or the engine pipe. Over time, this can cause irreparable damage to the catalytic converter, pistons, and cylinders.

  • Rusted components
  • Corrosion-prone parts such as the tailpipe and muffler must be checked routinely to detect any sign of damage. Otherwise, you might end up with high repair costs down the line.

    How can Twickenham Tyres & Exhausts help?

    Our complete exhaust repair Twickenham, Richmond routine consists of a thorough inspection and replacements of various parts of the exhaust system, including:

    • Exhaust pipe and manifold
    • Exhaust joints
    • Hangers and mufflers
    • Catalytic converter
    • Oxygen sensor, etc.

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